Why You Should Focus on Improvement

Often, I feel broken down emotionally as well as physically. The difference in fitness between where I was, where I am now, and where I would like to be, general fatigue, and the day to day struggles that I and everyone else most assuredly face all conspire to keep me from feeling my best. I deal with this by focusing on how much I’ve improved, not how far I have to go.

Instead of picking a goal that seems at times unattainable, make note of how much stronger, faster, and more energetic you are each week that you train. With my focus on improvement instead of my failures and my weaknesses, I feel encouraged to continue on and to work harder than ever.

At the end of the week, I take a moment to reflect and think to myself “Wow. I’ve done things that a week, two weeks, even two days ago would have seemed improbably difficult. I’m amazed at how quick the human body can recover and improve.”. Right now, I feel like writing down what I’ve done, my plans, and setting goals for myself. All of this, because I focus on improvement.


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