Why Wrestling Shouldn’t be Dropped from the Olympics

Wrestling, running, and throwing events are the oldest athletic events. Before we had organized sport, we had people seeing who could throw a stick or a rock farther, who could run faster, and who could best the other in combat. 

Golf is under consideration as an addition to the Olympic games. Golf has undeniable international appeal, which is one of the key criteria for addition to the games. However, unlike sports like wrestling, and running which require no specialized equipment, or sports like rugby or soccer that only require a single ball for 30 or 22 people; Golf equipment is prohibitively expensive, and doesn’t give it the same mass appeal as ball games or feats of strength, endurance, or skill. Golf is a great sport, it’s one of those things that people get hooked on by learning the basics quickly, and then spending the rest of their lives trying to master. And although it has international appeal, it doesn’t have the same kind of appeal as other sports.

When considering events to cut, wrestling should be one of the last ones to be cut, held to be among track and field and the marathon. This is because every culture on earth has a style of wrestling, and everyone has a general understanding of what “wrestling” means.

Even though wrestling took a lot away from me, I still believe it has merit and is a good sport. I think that consideration should be given to the historical and traditional aspects of a sport before it is cut.


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